Martine Algier

  I am available for:
private sessions
at my offices in:
San Francisco,
San Anselmo
and Bolinas,
as well as,
by phone.

Also available:

meeting facilitation
on site mediations
council circles,
custom designed
communication classes
your organization,
or family.

About Martine Algier

Creating a Culture of Peace

Martine Amita Algier is a certified mediator / trainer with CNVC, The International Center for Nonviolent Communication , She is a founding  member serving on The West Marin Community Mediation Board and an executive board member of Ecological Options Network, Her devotion to conflict resolution education during the last twenty years, stems from a deep conviction that these skills are an essential element in community building which is in turn, a key part of the foundation for creating a Culture of Peace.

Her background includes training in Reichian and Gestalt therapies, Neurolinguistics, Bioenegetics and more than twenty years as a workshop leader and consultant in the Human Potential movement.


Creativity & Conscious Evolution

Martine Algier strongly believes in the cathartic process of creative expression as the direct language of the soul's manifestation into the physical world.

Her uncanny abilitiy to, not only, tap into and express her higher state of consciousness through her art, she is also able to guide her clients to a level of consciousness through her unconventional, yet very effective alternative methodologies that enable those clients to tap into their unique higher selves. She effectively transports one's reality and sense of truth into a clearer vision of what is held within their subconscious, allowing them to creatively and fluidly express a deeper truth, unraveling the mysteries of ones self.

Martine is able to transmit the cosmos and the universal consciousness through her art and guide others in doing so as well.